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Website creation is a carefully planned and painstaking work of the entire website development and promotion team.


Ordering a website is a very important step for every customer, because the cost of website development can be significant. Before buying a website, the customer must be sure that the contractor can be trusted. It is important that the web studio for site development not only did everything well, but also did not break deadlines, adhered to the TOR.


The cost of creating sites depends on many parameters:

  • Whether the site is created from scratch or not
  • What type of site did the customer choose?
  • Or a big site tree
  • Whether to make a turnkey site or divided into tasks
  • Does the customer have a site design or do you need to create a site layout from scratch
  • Professionalism and reputation of web studio
  • Terms of site development
  • Does the site need a management system (CMS)
  • The project is carried out by a website development studio or a freelancer
  • Do you need analytics, widgets, integration with payment services, mailings and more


Not only layout and design are included in the site creation services. It is important to remember that there are other, no less important stages of website development, without which the product will not be complete. They are all presented on our services page.


The stages of website development at Avis Digital Studio are as follows:


1. Acquaintance

Making a website starts with discussing the concept and filling out a brief. At this stage, we try to give you answers to questions such as what is the cost of site development, the cost of development of each stage, what is the time of site development, etc. The connection is configured by the project manager or manager. The process involves discussing the design of the site in the office or other convenient place, or hold an online meeting.


2. Analysis and compilation of TK

No custom website creation can be done without a thorough analysis of the introductory data. It is important for our marketer to study your brief to learn about your concept, competitors, weight in the market, to study the niche, demand, to determine the target audience. On the basis of these data the TK is written.

The web development studio must compile the TOR if the customer did not do it himself. This is a critical moment in the development of a turnkey site, because it depends on the level of expectation and understanding between the parties to the process. We ALWAYS insist that the client read (and preferably more than once) the terms of reference and only then sign. After that, we sign a transparent and honest contract for the provision of services by AVIS DIGITAL STUDIO.

All! From now on, we can assume that the site is under development.


3. Prototyping

We pay special attention to creating a site layout. Prototyping helps to understand how the customer sees his site and whether this vision corresponds to the designer’s views. At this stage, a “skeleton” is created. This is a kind of visualization of the structure, order of blocks, location of sections, sizes and proportions.


4. Website design development

We proceed to the most creative and responsible stage, which determines the entire level of development. It is very important that the site is liked by the customer, and this is influenced (above all) by the visual component. People are greeted by clothes, and the project – by design, because this is the first thing a visitor sees your resource, getting to know you.


The designer of the web agency in his work starts from the TK and the brief of the client, his references and tastes. The designer chooses colors, draws interactive elements, creates a banner, making the pages full and visually pleasing.


5. Site layout

No website creation is complete without layout. The typesetter turns the design of the site into working program code. At this step, the project is dynamic, the site becomes cross-browser. We create the main page, pages of categories and goods, write all the functionality, set animations, the basic content of the web resource. The final layout process is to create an adaptive (adaptive page design). This is done so that your resource is displayed correctly on all existing devices and extensions, making the surfing process enjoyable and easy.


6. Programming

Website development services are not limited to the stages described above. Often the client wants to implement a tool on the site, such as a counter, calculator, office and more. If you need to implement complex functions, we connect a wizard who will be able to meet customer requests in terms of functionality.


7. Testing, optimization, transfer to the client’s hosting, filling.

Before submitting the process of developing a web resource, we carefully check the site for errors. People make a site for people, and people tend to make mistakes, so we try to remember this and always test the work for problems. We also check the adaptability of the site. Its speed is the factor that determines whether a visitor will see your services, because if the site is loaded for a long time – the person will go to your competitor. After that, we always ask the client if we can be of any use to him. Because we are happy to take projects for technical support/


As you can see, the professional creation of sites – the process is not easy, so it requires a lot of time, attention, effort, creativity, skills. But all this is not a problem for us – because we have assembled a team of excellent professionals for whom there are no impossible tasks! We are proud of our work and want to help make your business even better.

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