Targeted Advertising in Social Networks

Debugging and Facebook Ads

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Facebook has more than 1.79 billion unique active users per month that spend at least 40 minutes a day on that platform. Advertising on Facebook gives business owners the opportunity to accurately target specific consumer markets, and all this without harming its marketing budget.


At Avis Studio

we offer advertising services on Facebook, which will help your business fully use Facebook benefits. We provide an all-inclusive solution for advertising on Facebook – from the creation of a strategy and promotional files to launch advertising and monitoring its efficiency.


The period of implementation:

up to 7 days


from $ 200

Why use Facebook advertising services?

  • Access to the largest (and one of the most active) social networks
  • Get competitive click prices (CPCs) that averaged about $ 0.47.
  • Create hyper-targeting ad for reaching a target audience
  • Earn qualified potential customers at an average ice price (CPL) $ 2.07.
  • Use retargeting advertising to re-bind to website visitors.
  • Cover 1000 people from your target audience with an average cost of $ 7.19.
  • Send valuable social network traffic to your site