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The site layout is one of the main processes that allow you to get a full resource. To build a site from scratch means to interpret the image into “code” that is clear to every browser. Yes Yes! The typesetter is a kind of technical linguist who turns a designer’s work into programming.


The layout is based on HTML markup using style sheets. It is the work of the layout designer that affects how your site is displayed on different devices and how “clear” your code is built for Google, and therefore – the position of the site in search.


At Аvis Digital Studio we create adaptive site layout (cross-browser layout) even without design for mobile and tablet devices! It’s simple: you design – we are a universal and adapted product.

Implementation dates:

from 3 working days


from $ 300

Why order a site layout in Avis Digital Studio:

  • We carefully study the input data, carefully analyze the design and think through the work
  • We clarify the requirements of the customer and ask the right questions.
  • We offer and advise based on our many years of experience
  • We type not only quickly, but also neatly, which allows any programmer, not even from our team, to easily work with code!
  • We have a great cross-browser layout
  • We create adaptive versions of the site (mobile / tablet) even without a design for these extensions.
  • We fill with content independently
  • Always ready to come to the rescue and make changes to the context or layout. We are your “Chip and Dale”!
  • We carefully test the site and check on all devices.