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Contextual advertising services

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Today there are many opportunities to cover your potential customers. At the same time, there is a lot of competition, because the media space is full of content. When everyone on the web publishes information – it is incredibly difficult to convey to those who are addressed.


Pay per click or PPC – is one of the best ways to expand coverage (?), find new customers, and develop your business. However, without dealing with this, it is easy to “drain” the budget, especially if you do not have a strategy?



Avis Studio will set up an advertising campaign on Google Ads to help you increase both conversion and profit for your company.

The period of implementation:

From7 days


From $ 100

Преимущества PPC

  • Announcements with information about goods and services see only interested users; Only interested users will see announcements with information about your goods and services
  • Google Ads contextual advertisement is customized exclusively on proven partner sites;
  • Attraction of target traffic takes a little time. You can use contextual advertising immediately after starting the project. 
  • If desired, you can set up an advertising campaign within an hour;
  • Financial expenses incur only when users converts to your site (per click)
  • Flexible Targeting of the CA (Geotargeting, Age, Interests, Purchase Capacity and Other Indicators);
  • Simple management, an opportunity to make changes to an advertising campaign.