Landing page development will suit you if:

  • Want fast and effective results. After all, creating a landing page allows you to make a profit even when your competitors only approve the structure and think through the site tree.
  • Sell one product / service. Order landing will be an ideal solution if you do not have a catalog of goods, but one target product that you want to effectively present and not burden the user of the site with endless surfing.
  • Want a high conversion. Creating a landing will allow you to convert site visitors into customers with a chance of 2 to 45%! This spread is explained not so much by the quality of your product, but by the ability to sell it, advertising, quality and site optimization. A good studio with a strong team increases your chances of success several times!
  • Want to limit yourself to a small budget. Creating a landing cheaply is not a problem, because you do not need to write a vehicle for several weeks. In addition, the length of the site is often limited to 8 – 10 blocks. Draw and make a landing of this volume faster (and therefore cheaper) than a multi-page site with complex functionality and navigation.
  • Want to stimulate and motivate. Landing is the most trendy and affordable way to convey information. People spend less and less time studying information. In other words: once on the landing, the potential customer does not have time to get bored, because each of your units ignites interest even more. Everything is essential and concise!


Stages of landing development:

  • Getting to know your business. To create a turnkey landing – it was enough to have a lot of experience. We should not forget that each client is unique, with a unique product and business. That is why it is important for us to emphasize your preferences. To do this, we immerse ourselves in the essence and listen to your wishes and visions. We understand that ordering a landing is not a cheap thing, so we approach all stages responsibly.
  • Market research. Creating a landing is impossible without assessing the situation. To do this, every professional studio has a marketer who can evaluate your concept and niche. He studies everything from the target audience to seasonality.
  • UTP. Based on the information obtained, you need to draw conclusions and use them in the concept of the future site. We look for appropriate places to motivate action, based on psychological analysis of behavioral factors.
  • Writing a vehicle. The cost of landing is determined at this stage. After all, the vehicle allows you to assess the full scale of work, study the input data, approve the wishes of the customer and more. The price of landing must be specified in the contract and in the TOR to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Content creation. Do you know what distinguishes a beginning studio from a professional one? Beginners will say “the next step is the design and layout of the landing”, and an experienced team – that you need to start with the texts. After all, this, when developing a landing page, will allow you to draw a design purely for content. This will significantly improve the perception of the site and the organicity of landing, will greatly facilitate the work of the whole team.
  • Landing page design. Having the text, the TOR, the brief – we can create a prototype of the future selling landing and, after that, to continue development of landing page, having created design.
  • Landing page layout. Creating a custom landing involves layout. The cost of landing development is determined by the amount of layout and the complexity of the functionality to be implemented. Before completing the stage – the site is tested (download speed, adaptability to all devices, usability, etc.).
  • Placing an order. Turnkey landing page creation complete! Then the most exciting thing is to show the developed site to the customer and wait for comments.


Landing Page We develop landing pages able to impress and sell!

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We can create a landing page that:

landing page


Draws users’ attention


Can be navigated through easily


Effectively converts leads


Rapidly loads on any device


Looks great on both desktop and mobile screens


Gives a website visitor a clear idea on your benefits


Has unique content


Turns your new clients into regulars


Makes your competitors jealous

Our works:

Our expertise lets us:

avis digital studio

Fill the site with selling and catchy content

Create a high converting website

Test all landing blocks

Create an impressive and clean design

Integrate any service you might need

Adapt website for different devices

Order a landing page

Why would one need Landing page

Firstly, landing page is designed to encourage the visitor for the target action.


This action might be absolutely anything: order a product, leave your contact details, subscribe, download a lesson/course/book.


It is necessary not only to develop a creative and eye-catching design, but also to correctly chronologically present information. The visitor should be gently led throughout the site, while being softly suggested the need for a targeted action. You have done everything right if at the end the visitor ends up thinking to themselves: “How did I live without this product before?!”.

Let us give you more reasons to cooperate with Avis Studio ?


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Unique and selling


We offer a wide range of services, starting from point solutions, like target audience analysis, prototyping and finishing with turn-key website development. 

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We are always up for a discussion and consider your needs and requirements. Receive a reply in less than an hour.

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We think ahead. That’s why we always plan how our website will look with any resolution and device.

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We follow trends and keep our work up to date, so we vouch for the fact that our work will amaze you and your site’s visitors.

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We plan all our work in detail and create a strict schedule for all work stages. This guarantees compliance with the agreed deadlines.

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What else can we do for you?

How are we going
to work with you?

Stage 1

Stage 1

Analysis. Discussing the concept of your business. Building a strategy based on your wishes and requirements. Analyzing the niche and considering potential opportunities for implementation.

Stage 2

Stage 2

Design. Creating a modern, selling design, considering the wishes of the client and the rules of “usability”. Our goal is to make the journey through the site as comfortable as possible by inciting the visitor to action.

Stage 3

Stage 3

Development.  Creating a site layout taking into account the need for a neat adaptive for all modern devices (laptops, computers, phones, tablets).

Stage 4

Stage 4

Site management system. Implementing a management system so that the administrator may quickly and conveniently correct the content of the site with minimal material.

Stage 5

Stage 5

Testing.  Diligently testing the site. Checking your online store for debugged functionality. Keeping in mind correct operation of plugins / services and synchronization.

Stage 6

Stage 6

Website launch. Handing over the project to the customer! We strive to ensure that you are 100% satisfied and recommend us to your customers, partners, acquaintances.

Why it is worth ordering a Landing page from us?

By entrusting product development to us, you will get an attractive and, most importantly, a selling landing page. We know how to skillfully present an offer to the buyer and how to present your products in the best light.

While working on your project we:



and choosing the best

Our specialists carefully study the target audience, while also determining current trends in your niche. They analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. In conclusion, we develop an effective specification.


Filling your website
with quality content

We develop a unique, attractive design that considers your unique corporate identity, as well as the standards and trends of our time. We turn the process of visiting your site into a pleasure!


Creating a user-friendly website for your customers

Thanks to the high professionalism of our programmers, you get an adaptive website layout for all modern devices. The site will be convenient, no matter what device it is accessed from.


Setting up wide range of synchronizations

In addition to convenient navigation, we do not forget about the importance of a wide range of integrations with third-party services. For example, it can be systems of interaction with the buyer, such as Binotel or JivoSite, or other CRM / mailing systems.

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