Why is it necessary to order an online store?

Creating an online store has become not just a recommendation for those who sell goods, but rather a necessity! After all, most people no longer go to shops, fitting rooms, shopping malls. More than 1 million people save their time and nerves every year by shopping online. It is cheaper, more convenient, faster, and in general – more enjoyable.


Creating an online store has a number of advantages, namely:

  • allows you to present the entire range of goods, even if the product is not available
  • the need for points of sale disappears, and the composition of goods can be organized at least at home
  • development of an online store will allow you to display all the parameters of the product, so there is no need for sales consultants
  • the price for creating an online store is much less than for the monthly rent, transport, staff salaries
  • payment control process, product filter system allows you to establish fast and efficient sales
  • creating an online store site will increase your visibility, because it increases coverage
  • the cost of the online store site is relatively lower than the cost of the application for sale
  • by ordering the development of an online store, you will be able to establish connections by finding new suppliers, partners, employees

What should a good online store look like?

Selling online store, above all, must SELL! And for this:

  • It should be an impressive, modern, light and pleasing to the eye design
  • Must be excellent navigation and easy usability. The site visitor must intuitively understand the “click” to perform the action. Whether it’s sorting, applying a filter, a feedback button or adding an item to the cart.
  • When creating an online store, it is important that the team focuses on the admin panel. Unlike landing, which does not require frequent intervention, the site management system should be convenient, clear, mobile, cover all the functional needs of the owner.
  • When designing an online store, it is important not to forget about CRM. This significantly speeds up the processing of applications, allows you to track behavioral factors, collect a database and more.
  • The site must have an adaptive design.
  • The online store must load quickly, otherwise customers will go looking for your competitors.

Stages of online store development:

  • Creating an online store should begin with a study of the customer’s range. It is important to emphasize the individuality that can be emphasized. To study the target audience, their behavior, niche – this part of the work will be undertaken by our marketers.
  • We write a TOR, because without it you will not be able to guide the customer about the cost of developing an online store. It is difficult to name the cost clearly, because the price of creating an online store depends on the requirements of the customer (filter, personal account, admin panel, etc.), reflected in the vehicle.
  • Creating a website for an online store implies the presence of a catalog. This directory should be provided to developers as soon as possible. Based on the volume of goods and the completeness of their characteristics, the availability of the gallery, the artist will be able to create an online store design.
  • Making an online store in Kiev is based on well-written motivational texts. People are not always ready to part with their money, and our goal is to convince them that by buying, they gain more than they lose.
  • The whole technical part is performed. Professional online store development hopes that the team will be able not only to make an online store, but also to make adaptive versions of pages, configure the sending of these forms, optimize the online store, configure protection against intrusion and hacking.
  • The main difference between an online store and other types of sites is that it must be constantly developed, maintained, refined based on customer feedback, increasing its usability. That is why after submitting the main part of the work, we recommend that you immediately begin the process of promoting the online store. We will find an individual method (search engine optimization, PPC, email marketing or contextual advertising) that is most effective for your business.

Online store development is a process that requires:

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Online store development is a process that requires:

Online store


Uniqueness and adaptability of design for all devices


High level of team’s expertise


Catalog system of categories and products


Flexibility of opportunities for both the administrator and the potential buyer


Considering the prospects for the development of the store, as well as range expansion


Attention to detail and client’s wishes


Convenient management in adding / editing / deleting product characteristics; work with the product card


Understandable product search system and site navigation


Wide range of opportunities for payment system integration, as well as communication with the client

Our works:

What do you get when you purchase the Development of an online store service?

By entrusting product development to us, you get an attractive and, most importantly, selling online store. We know how to skillfully present an offer to the buyer and how to present your products in the best light.




Our specialists carefully study the target audience, while also determining current trends in your niche. They analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. In conclusion, we develop an effective specification.



We develop a unique, attractive design that considers the corporate identity, as well as the usability standards of the online store. We make the buying process a pleasure!



Thanks to the high professionalism of our programmers, you get an adaptive website layout for all modern devices, as well as well-organized administrative panel, easy to master even for a newbie.



In addition to convenient navigation, we do not forget about the importance of a wide range of integrations with third-party services. For example, it can be systems of interaction with the buyer, such as Binotel or JivoSite, or other CRM / mailing systems.

We will help you:

avis digital studio

Fill your online store with goods

Create an impressive and clean design

Test all categories and goods

Create a high converting website

Set up payment services

Adapt website for different devices


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Unique and selling


We offer a wide range of services, starting from point solutions, like target audience analysis, prototyping and finishing with turn-key website development. 

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We think ahead. That’s why we always plan how our website will look with any resolution and device.

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We follow trends and keep our work up to date, so we vouch for the fact that our work will amaze you and your site’s visitors.

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We plan all our work in detail and create a strict schedule for all work stages. This guarantees compliance with the agreed deadlines.

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How are we going
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Stage 1

Stage 1

Analysis. Discussing the concept of your business. Building a strategy based on your wishes and requirements. Analyzing the niche and considering potential opportunities for implementation.

Stage 2

Stage 2

Design. Creating a modern, selling design, considering the wishes of the client and the rules of “usability”. Our goal is to make the journey through the site as comfortable as possible by inciting the visitor to action.

Stage 3

Stage 3

Development.  Creating a site layout taking into account the need for a neat adaptive for all modern devices (laptops, computers, phones, tablets).

Stage 4

Stage 4

Site management system. Implementing a management system so that the administrator may quickly and conveniently correct the content of the site with minimal material.

Stage 5

Stage 5

Testing.  Diligently testing the site. Checking your online store for debugged functionality. Keeping in mind correct operation of plugins / services and synchronization.

Stage 6

Stage 6

Website launch. Handing over the project to the customer! We strive to ensure that you are 100% satisfied and recommend us to your customers, partners, acquaintances.

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