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Website design is one of the main parts of site development, because its implementation helps to reflect the style and taste of the customer, reveal the brand and make the site pleasant to the perception. Provided that the web design of the website is done responsibly and with high quality – you can greatly influence the quality of the next stages of development. A good web resource is easier to promote, more enjoyable machines, easier to fill. In addition, the design of the site is primarily created for visitors, so it is designed to impress and persuade to action, such as ordering a site or leaving a request for feedback.


Professional website design development in Kyiv is an area in which we specialize. Designers Avis Digital Studio are the leading designers of Kyiv and have extensive experience with boundless talent for creating adaptive site designs that are magnets for the owner’s profit.


It is important to understand that with a good design you can not only conveniently present information, but directly encourage the visitor to convert, re-want to visit your page or turn the purchase of goods into an obsession that will not fall asleep!



Stages of website design


  • Filling the design brief.


To create a site layout, it is important to complete all the steps leading to the design that you will be satisfied with. The first of these is a brief. Filling in the brief for the development of site design – you, above all, structure your own thoughts and “wishes”. We can say that the brief helps both parties to understand what the customer wants. A well-written brief asks the right questions, forcing your imagination to work 100%


  • Discussion of the order for modern design of a site


At this stage, it is important to discuss those details that simply can not be transferred to the brief on the adaptive design of the site. It is important to hear the client, to be creative. Find the best options for solving problems. This stage is most often performed by the manager, taking turns communicating with the customer and the design department. Proper understanding of each other determines how creative the design will be, how selling, original and bold.


  • The style of the future site


At this stage, our specialist is trying to visualize the brand, come up with original features, develop a common line of style so that it permeates the entire structure of the site. Stylization affects how organically the blocks are interconnected, regardless of the type of site.


  • Website layout development


Sometimes this stage is segmented into: site prototype development and adaptive site design. This is done so that the customer has the opportunity to approve the structure and order of the blocks, and only then proceed to approve the layout itself. If the layout is a ready-made visual of the future resource, then the prototype is more like a scheme (skeleton). The prototype does not give an idea of colors and style, but helps to focus on the logic of the blocks of the created site.

The peculiarity of Avis Digital Studio is that we develop a test version of one screen in several styles. This greatly helps us to understand how our vision of page design differs from customer expectations. This simplifies communication at later stages. We create a site layout until the customer is completely satisfied.


All! The main stages have been passed. After that, we provide time to submit edits to the design of the site and read the posted material. Then the baton of work is passed to the typesetter.


The price of website design development

I suggest you get behind the scenes and take a short tour of pricing at our studio. So, what factors affect the cost of site design:

  • First of all, the price of the site is affected by the number of pages and their length. I think it is obvious that the higher the amount of work – the more time it takes to complete them.
  • Current resource status. It is important to understand whether you need to redesign an outdated site or you need to think about the structure and order of blocks from 0.
  • The availability of materials also affects the price of the site layout. If the customer has photos of goods / team / office of the company – great! It will be easier for the designer to fill the layout.
  • Clear vision and understanding of the desired customer. If the customer knows what he wants and has in mind the picture of the future resource – it greatly simplifies the work and reduces the time spent on them. In addition, it is pleasant to work with such a person, he does not change his mind during the process and is always result-oriented.
  • Difficulty of execution. It is important to understand that a large amount of material can cause difficulties no less than its absence. After all, the designer’s task is to figure out how to place this amount of material and not cause a shock to the visitor. It often takes a long time, so everything is fine in moderation.
  • Number of edits. Of course, there are projects without edits, but this is more of a utopia. Some edits are made for free, but if they gently flow into the “refinement” and are due to the fact that the customer has changed their requests for site design – then they are made for a fee and are considered individually.


What design services do we provide in addition to the development of turnkey site design and from scratch?

In addition to “make a site design”, we also offer a number of services that will be useful to you:

  • Creating banners and their resize
  • Creating a company logo
  • Create icons for site blocks
  • Development of the main screen of the site
  • Creating an adaptive site design
  • Creating a brand book, presentations, pdf-files of the schedule, etc.


Summarizing the above, we consider it our duty to note that a cool site design is not difficult to create, if you follow the sequence of steps. Much depends not only on the professionalism of the performer, but also on the customer. If the goal of the performer is to keep you happy with your work, then yours is to understand what can make you happy. Only with well-constructed work, high professionalism of the studio designer, organized customer, focused on quality results, it is possible to achieve not only good but also amazing results.


Design services Your business deserves to look stylish

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We will create a design that:

design services


Attracts the attention of users


Presents your product / service in a favorable light.


Brings the ice to the target action


Has unique content, developed individually


It has convenient, intuitive navigation


Looks great on mobile devices and desktops.


Effectively informs visitors about the benefits of cooperation


Forms or strengthens the company’s image, increases visibility.


Envies your competitors and praises from partners.

Our works:

Why order our design services?

 AVIS DIGITAL STUDIO offers a high expertise level, thus guaranteeing you a website with great customer perception and higher conversion.

Creating a good design means:




Analyzing references responsibly. Basing everything on your wishes, preferences, corporate style.



Paying close attention to detail


High bar

We only submit the work that makes us proud



We follow modern trends and keep our sense of taste up to date.



Taking into account how the design will look with different resolutions.



We have rich experience in rendering websites with over 100 works in our portfolio.

What distinguishes AVIS DIGITAL STUDIO ?

Each client and task are unique for us We do not use templates and constructors, so our websites are 100% handmade!



Thanks to our professional marketers, we get a clear picture of your business’s target audience. We plan and work on the future design keeping in mind the perception of the target group, thus guaranteeing you a website with great customer perception and higher conversion.

In addition to website design, we will help you:

avis digital studio

Create design for banners, presentations, business cards, social networks

Connect to the necessary third-party services

Test all website blocks

Integrate any service you might need

Create a webpage prototype

Create a website layout and customize its functionality

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Unique and selling


We offer a wide range of services, starting from point solutions, like target audience analysis, prototyping and finishing with turn-key website development. 

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We are always up for a discussion and consider your needs and requirements. Receive a reply in less than an hour.

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We think ahead. That’s why we always plan how our website will look with any resolution and device.

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We follow trends and keep our work up to date, so we vouch for the fact that our work will amaze you and your site’s visitors.

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We plan all our work in detail and create a strict schedule for all work stages. This guarantees compliance with the agreed deadlines.

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What else can we do for you?

How are we going
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Stage 1

Stage 1

Analysis. Discussing the concept of your business. Building a strategy based on your wishes and requirements. Analyzing the niche and considering potential opportunities for implementation.

Stage 2

Stage 2

Design. Creating a modern, selling design, considering the wishes of the client and the rules of “usability”. Our goal is to make the journey through the site as comfortable as possible by inciting the visitor to action.

Stage 3

Stage 3

Development.  Creating a site layout taking into account the need for a neat adaptive for all modern devices (laptops, computers, phones, tablets).

Stage 4

Stage 4

Site management system. Implementing a management system so that the administrator may quickly and conveniently correct the content of the site with minimal material.

Stage 5

Stage 5

Testing.  Diligently testing the site. Checking your online store for debugged functionality. Keeping in mind correct operation of plugins / services and synchronization.

Stage 6

Stage 6

Website launch. Handing over the project to the customer! We strive to ensure that you are 100% satisfied and recommend us to your customers, partners, acquaintances.

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