Creating a business card site


When starting a business, it is not necessary to immediately pour huge budgets into the creation of the site. It will be much more rational to make a small but informative site. For example, order a business card site.


Designing a business card site will allow you to provide visitors with the most important information for them (for example, about your facilities, services, customers, market and geography of services / goods). What is special about the business card site? It usually has a minimum of water and a lot of compressed informative content that allows you to understand who you are and what you do.


Choosing the development of a business card site, you, over time, will be able to scale into a status corporate site, so order a business card site – always the right and promising solution with the possibility of further development.


How is this choice optimal compared to other types of sites? It doesn’t take long to make a business card website. In addition, it is a great combination of low price and excellent quality, which is ideal for small and medium businesses. Our studio Avis Digital Studio will develop a business card site for you on WordPress. This will allow the administrator to manage the site, add content, edit existing material, update the resource.



Who do we recommend to order a business card site?

  • turnkey development of a business card site will be perfect for new companies;
  • small and medium business companies are also great to order a turnkey business card site;
  • companies with a small budget, because the price of the business card site does not bite;
  • companies that urgently need to create a site to participate in competitions, tenders, PR events;
  • those who care about having a presence on the Internet, because this type of site perfectly performs its presentation role;
  • customers who care about the prospect of transforming the site into a more voluminous resource;
  • clients who often need to link to themselves to increase the trust of a potential client or partner;
  • those who want to promote targeted advertising or other advertising.


The procedure for creating a business card site

  1. Call, communicate, discuss! Our main goal at this stage is to listen (and hear) to your wishes and set up a “connection”. This is probably the most informal, but very important stage, because it generally determines a sufficiently convincing performer and deserves the trust of the client.
  2. We study the input data. To do this, connect our pro-marketer. He analyzes the state and CA. Carefully studies the niche of competitors. Helps us develop a manual for you. Creating a business card site from scratch depends largely on the quality of the input data, namely whether you have texts, photos of products or teams, whether you have an understanding of the concept and vision of the structure of the site.
  3. TK. We can say that this stage combines the results of all our negotiations and agreements, leading them to clearly defined wording. It depends on whether the developed business card site will meet your requests and expectations.
  4. Design is one of the fundamental stages. Unlike other processes that help make a business card site cool, this process is also creative. Our team of talented designers develops a prototype of the site according to the previously drawn up technical specifications. It is very important for us that you are satisfied with the resource, so we approve a prototype with you and develop a unique and selling design that will impress!
  5. Technical part of the work. This includes the layout of the business card site, as well as the landing of the business card site on WordPress. We also perform adaptive layout of the site so that it is correctly displayed on all types of devices.
  6. We fill the resource with content, if necessary.
  7. Configure CRM integration. We test the site for errors.
  8. We transfer the site to your hosting and domain.
  9. We conduct an audit of the site to determine the correctness of placement and operation.



Secrets of successful business card site development

  • We think it’s necessary to show you a couple of “samples” of design. This helps to avoid differences in tastes and generally increases the understanding of wishes in the early stages of development. Paint a couple of versions of the home screen – and the customer will not only be pleased with the increased attention to it, but also help to decide on the color palette.
  • It is IMPORTANT and NEED to make the customer read the vehicle for the production of the business card site. Otherwise you may hear the phrase “I thought I said” or “I wanted wrong, you didn’t understand me”.
  • The resource code must be optimized and structured. This will help increase the loading speed of the site, and thus bring more visitors to the site (this is important for SEO).
  • You need to install proven and reliable plug-ins on the created business card site, which will make the use of the resource safe.
  • Adamenko site business cards should be understandable even to a child! The task of the developers of the business card site is to make the landing so that once in the panel, a person can immediately figure out where to go to fix / remove / fix an element.



What determines the cost of developing a business card site?

  • First of all, the volume (number of pages) directly affects the cost of creating a business card site.
  • The price of a business card site also depends on the terms.
  • Necessary functionality and integration with third-party services directly affect the value of the business card site.
  • The need to land the site (partial or complete) on the CMS.
  • The need to fill the resource with content (products, texts, gallery).
  • Other pricing factors (availability of vehicles, number of improvements).


It is problematic to say the exact price of a business card site without talking to the customer, so I suggest you leave a request / call us for a more detailed study of your project. Together we can do everything!


Business card website Getting to know a person, the first impression plays a great role. As does a website, getting to know a company.

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Advantages of business card website:

Business card


Draws users’ attention


Is a face of the company


s an element of successful branding


Rapidly loads on any device


Looks great on both desktop and mobile screens


Gives a website visitor a clear idea on your benefits


Has unique content


Turns your new clients into regulars


Makes your competitors jealous

Our works:

Why would one need a business card website?

Creating a business card website  is a simple but effective way to express yourself on the Internet.

In case having many pages is not your concept, and it’s a priority to launch business “as soon as possible” this affordable solution is perfect for you.

The development of business card website does not require large investments, it is carried out in the shortest possible time, and the payback is guaranteed, especially if professionals are involved.

Business card website advantages:

By entrusting the development of the product to us, you will receive an attractive and, most importantly, presentable website.

We know how to skillfully create an impression about you and how to present your products in the best light.


Working on your project, we guarantee:




Most often, such sites have only a few pages, which makes surfing and the visitor’s perception of information as efficient as possible.



Since business card sites are not large and, most often, simple in functionality, they do not require special knowledge to administer them.


Work speed

Fast, because they are not overloaded with content and do not require a long load from the server.



The cost of creating a business card website will pleasantly surprise you. While others are spending on bulky online stores – you will already be working at full capacity!



The practical structure of the site allows you to get rid of unnecessary text, making the website minimal. This is a great opportunity to shift the focus towards the design, making the right impression.



The practical structure of the site allows you to get rid of a lot of unnecessary text, which makes the site minimalist. This is a great opportunity to shift the emphasis to design elements, making the right impression.



Based on the needs, we will be able to add additional functionality and develop the website to the required volume. The system is scalable.


Development speed

Since business card sites are concise, there is a minimal delay between the start of our work and the launch. You will be able to get your first customers in the nearest future!

We will help you:

avis digital studio

Fill the site with selling and catchy content

Highlight your individuality

Test all website blocks

Create an impressive and clean design

Integrate any service you might need

Adapt website for different devices


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We offer a wide range of services, starting from point solutions, like target audience analysis, prototyping and finishing with turn-key website development. 

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What else can we do for you?

How are we going
to work with you?

Stage 1

Stage 1

Analysis. Discussing the concept of your business. Building a strategy based on your wishes and requirements. Analyzing the niche and considering potential opportunities for implementation.

Stage 2

Stage 2

Design. Creating a modern, selling design, considering the wishes of the client and the rules of “usability”. Our goal is to make the journey through the site as comfortable as possible by inciting the visitor to action.

Stage 3

Stage 3

Development.  Creating a site layout taking into account the need for a neat adaptive for all modern devices (laptops, computers, phones, tablets).

Stage 4

Stage 4

Site management system. Implementing a management system so that the administrator may quickly and conveniently correct the content of the site with minimal material.

Stage 5

Stage 5

Testing.  Diligently testing the site. Checking your online store for debugged functionality. Keeping in mind correct operation of plugins / services and synchronization.

Stage 6

Stage 6

Website launch. Handing over the project to the customer! We strive to ensure that you are 100% satisfied and recommend us to your customers, partners, acquaintances.

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