Task: Develop a website on WordPress for a dental clinic in non-standard colors for the niche.


Implementation: Our team of developers and designers decided to go back to the origins of the client’s firm and develop a new design in the same colors that were used at the very beginning of the brand’s formation. This will allow you to convey the message to customers without words: “we are still with you, we remain ourselves, but at the same time we are getting better.”


The site came out gentle, associative and warm. For many, dentistry is associated with unpleasant communication, so the portal should not evoke memories of the experience of treatment in state institutions, no blue and steel shades! The client provided high-quality photographic materials, which helped us a lot in the selection of styles. Our team was also engaged in filling the site and the marketing part, and our sympathy for the customer’s team only contributed to fruitful work!