Nativey Hakama

A task: Create a project in Hebrew for the Israeli market of indestructibility.


Implementation: First of all, we analyzed the market in the field of our client’s work. The main goal set by the designer is to stand out from the competition. The client has good photos of the team and each employee individually, so it allowed to make the site warm, attractive, alive. The client is extremely pleasant in communication, does not try to “lift” the team under himself and always listens to our recommendations, approves bold decisions and creatives.


Working with the site admin panel is a very specific and interesting task, because all the text is written from right to left. Inversion of fields and text makes the project complex and interesting at the same time. Our team, in addition to design, layout, landing, also set up a questionnaire and send data from the questionnaire to the client’s mailer. Project development and active cooperation continues to this day!