Task: To create a multi-page, bright and colorful website that sets you up in a friendly, informal way.


Implementation: It was extremely interesting for us to work on this project, as it represents a rather exciting niche: washing and caring for linen and clothes. Websites in Hebrew allow you to take a fresh look at the layout, move away from the usual template and prepare a presentable portal for a foreign client.


While working on the layout, we decided to make the letter “O” stretched along the length of the design “chip”. The fact that the client provided excellent media content greatly facilitated the work. This allowed us to avoid scouring for the right photos and focus on creativity and style. We tried to create an informal, light and at the same time bright design that will immediately set you up for friendly relations. We managed to erase the clear line between “customer-executor” and present the service as a friendly one, which the guys will provide you with a smile and goodwill!